UKERT Research Facility


MNG 291: Elements of Mine Design
In this class, the students are exposed to the main software applications to develop geological models, and surface and underground mine designs. The core of the class is the explanation of the philosophy of geological modeling and mine design more than the software per se.

MNG 591: Mine Design I
Students are provided with information regarding geology and topographic conditions at some specific locations, and they need to develop a mining project (Feasibility study). In this class the application of rock mechanics, ventilation, surface and underground design is fundamental. The students are provided with a series of lectures to clarify the application of concepts learned in previous classes. Guest lecturers from the industry are invited to the class to expose the students to mining engineering challenges experienced by the industry. At the end of the class, a final report is submitted by the students. The report is the base material for MNG 592.

MNG 463: Surface Mine Design
This class covers all aspects of mine design for surface operations. Orebody description, geometrical considerations, economic analysis, equipment selection and geotechnical assessment for mine operations is studied in this class.

MNG 579 – 679: Ground Vibrations from Blasting
Study of rock dynamic processes as consequence of blasting in mining or civil engineering projects. This class is based on the findings of my research in the area of ground vibrations.

MNG 531 Advanced Blast Design and Technology
MNG 699 Detonation Theory and Applications in Mining Engineering
Advanced theory and application of explosions, detonations and explosives in mining. Explosion events in underground coal mines, explosive detonation processes in a blast hole, detailed underground blast design; specialized blasting including blast casting, construction and pre-splitting. Electronic detonators, explosions/blasting research at UKERT.